Who are we?


We offer a range of support services aimed at community resilience and community economic development.


We are a charity and many of our services are free to the end user.


We offer free one-hour sessions at our support centres in Portsmouth, Southampton and on the Isle of Wight (Solent Social Enterprise Zone). We offer a similar service at our shared London training rooms.

We may be able to offer free services at other locations but you might be asked to contribute to the travel expenses of our volunteers. 


We can also offer online support throughout the UK.


Support can be provided on the basis of either pre-agreed hourly rates (eg for training), a fixed fee package (eg for registration services) OR paid for by a sponsoring/grant providing organisation.

Where appropriate we are happy to discuss such options with you as part of your free one-hour session.

There is absolutely NO obligation for you to commission any of our paid for services.

We would be pleased if you would join us as a member - membership costs just £1 per month. 


We also offer a range of free tools, templates and an on-line forum. 


Community Development

Initial (free) one-hour session to discuss ways in which you might undertake community development.




Initial (free) one-hour session to discuss ways in which your community might work together using cooperation and mutual-self-help to meet their shared needs.


Community Enterprise

Initial (free) one-hour session to discuss the potential for developing community enterprises.

Including initial assessment of enterprise governance options.



We support a range of projects from Conferences to simple networking meetings and from business planning to consortia development.


Full registration services

More in-depth analyses of governance models leading to incorporation under charity, company or society law as appropriate.

Fixed fee or sponsored support.



Range of training available to assist good governance and  sustainability.

We are especially keen to offer training for social entrepreneurs that wish to empower their communities through developing or conversion to Co-operatives. 



Training and work experience opportunities to enhance employability.

These include working with social enterprises to improve employability and appropriate skill,


Support for self-employed

Developing mutual-self-help for self employed entrepreneurs in order to reduce risk and provide security.


Small Businesses

Support for community based small businesses


Community Empowerment Ltd. Reg 28936R (Co-operative & Community Benefit Societies Acts). 

HMRC Charity Number XT18774.

Registered Office 90, Locksway Road, SOUTHSEA PO4 8NY.


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