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Community Economic Development. 

Community Empowerment Ltd is a charitable society for the benefit of the community operating throughout mid-southern England. 

We also provide online support throughout the UK.

We, together with appropriate agencies offer support to Local Authorities and their communities for the development of Co-operatives & Social Enterprises, as ways of developing resilience and meeting expressed needs.

We offer consultancy to established and developing socially minded entrepreneurs.

We specialise in Co-operative community economic development using mutual-self-help where communities work together to meet their common needs.

We work with other agencies to provide affording incubation spaces for start-up socially minded enterprises. These spaces, available throughout the UK, range from shops to warehouses and include shared spaces where appropriate.

Because power and inequality and outcomes are inextricably linked. Powerful communities means thriving high streets. It means a fairer economy with better jobs and profits reinvested in the things we care about instead of squirrelled away at the top. It means responsive services, accountable policies and institutions, investment in the things that matter to us.,


Community & Social Enterprise Hubs under development.


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Years of experience.
Est 1999.


Helping communities to become resilient. 

Community, Co-operative and Social Enterprises are not voluntary organisations. They trade for community benefit rather than rely upon grants. Their support needs include choosing the most appropriate governance model (one size does NOT fit all) and support with their business planning together with an understanding of regulatory and legislation differences from other enterprise types.


Proven Results



We have assisted over a hundred community enterprises including community owned pubs, cafes, wholefood shops, education, theatre & entertainment groups, as well as helped local authorities to engage with and enable community economic development.




The reduction of poverty through mutual-self-help.

We provide a range of social enterprise and employability services helping communities to become stronger and more resilient.

Co-operative & Community Social Enterprise Hubs.

Dukes Keep - Southampton

Hot desking & meeting rooms

Chaucer House - Portsmouth

Incubation spaces & meeting room

Joint Projects

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Our promise

Our highly qualified experts will arrange an initial 'no obligation' free online consultation in order to understand your aims and suggest cost-effective ways forward.

Please email to ceo@empower.coop with a brief outline of your project or support needs.

Community Empowerment Ltd. Reg 28936R (Co-operative & Community Benefit Societies Acts). 

HMRC Charity Number XT18774.

Registered Office 90, Locksway Road, SOUTHSEA PO4 8NY.


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